iPad Hire Conferences

Busy Conference Week 

It’s been a busy week with 10 different conferences happening in quick succession. Some of the conferences were dry hire, where we simply hire iPads with no apps loaded. Others were more complicated where we pre-installed clients software and provided wireless equipment and support for the iPad event. Our Technicians and Warehouse staff have done a brilliant job in preparing and distributing iPads across the country.

Our iPad hire service is flexible enough to include everything you need for an interactive iPad conference. We can provide Technicians, WiFi, Laptops & Macbook’s, flight cases, charging solutions and more.

We can supply our hire iPads in flight cases. These provide the maximum level of protection for the iPads in transit. They also hold the iPads nicely for charging and allow quick collection after the event. They come in 2 sizes, 20 and 50.

For smaller events we can provide suitcase style, wheeled cases for easy transport.

iPad Hire Flight Cases
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