A&T iPad Hire – 270 iPads, 3 Floors, 9 Rooms and 1 Event Success Story

Another London event is in the books (our first of 2018) and we’re happy to report it was a complete success.

Our client requested 270 iPads to be taylor-made for this event, including specific branding for the company, as well as personalised agendas for each delegate and the facility to take notes and ask questions.

Everything was rolled out smoothly over the day leading up to the event, with the wifi network set up by A&T operating seamlessly. Without the need to use the wifi of the venues, we immediately avoid a myriad of potential networking problems, and this was apparent when all of the iPads came to life at once without any technical problems or lag of any kind.

We offer our clients the opportunity to use special moderator and presenter iPads. Each one uses an app developed by A&T from scratch in order to allow questions to filter through to the stage.

The process begins with the iPad in the delegates hand, who can ask a question, either using their real names or anonymously. The question arrives with a special moderator iPad who will filter the questions out before forwarding the relevant ones up to the stage iPads.

This process takes seconds in real time, allowing a simple flow of up-to-date feedback to the presenters, along with highlighting areas of conversation that are of interest to the audience.

During this particular event, we were required to install our closed network over multiple floors at our venue. Every venue is different, but we pride ourselves on rising to the challenge with zero fuss, and we successfully ran our bespoke app to 270 iPads, over multiple floors, in multiple sessions, without fault.

The iPads were also used throughout the day to provide valuable feedback to our clients, and our team of technicians routinely pushed out feedback forms in order to gauge the response of the delegates. This information will be vital in the growth and evolution of these events, and our taylor-made feedback forms make the whole process simple and streamlined.

The data and numbers are the complicated part. Gathering them should be as easy as possible. It is always a joy to witness the feedback forms pop up on the iPads being held by delegates, and the speed they fill them in and return them is a testament to just how effective this form of data gathering is.


Another successful event, another happy client!

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