iPad Stand Rental

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iPad Stand Hire for Events

We have a selection of iPad floor stands for hire. Every client has their own unique requirements, such as security, adjustable height, colour, design etc. We carry a stock of different stands to cater for most requirements. Feel free to call one of our iPad rental advisers to discuss your needs.

Secure iPad Stands

iPads have many uses for events and often you will want to put them on public display. For obvious reasons you will want to make sure the hired iPads stay safe and secure. A number of our stands encase the iPad in a metal housing and have a security screw to keep the iPads locked in place. We also have stands that allow you to secure the iPad stand to the floor which makes them great for professional exhibition booths.

Covered Home Button

If you have spent lots of time, money and effort, creating the content for your delegates, you will want to make sure they see it. A number of our stands cover the iPads home button, which keeps the iPad locked to your app and stops other delegates browsing the internet or changing settings.

Height Adjustable iPad Stands

We have stands that are telescopic and height adjustable, these are great for events with children. They can also be used next to sofas in exhibition lounges and seating areas.

iPad Kiosks for Events

Using a combination of our secure iPad stands and event apps we can create iPad kiosks for your event. This locked down iPad environment, means users can only browse the webpages of your choosing. We can remove address bars and show websites full screen. We can add simple buttons to different areas of content and set them to time out and return to the homepage after a few minutes of inactivity. We can also display your content in an number of different ways. You can capture feedback, display documents, view webpages, videos and much more. The whole iPad kiosk system can be branded and looks fantastic for public exhibitions.