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iPad Security Products

iPads do not have the kensington lock feature that most other IT equipment uses. Instead they must be encased or have a security device glued to the back. When you hire iPads from A&T we can give you access to a number of security options. Please give one of our iPad rental advisers a call to discuss your requirements and we can recommend a product to suit.

Screwed Down Security

We have a number of stands and enclosures that allow you to securely screw the iPads to your event stand. You can hire wall mount enclosures which come with a standard VESA mount. This allows you to attach iPads to poles, angle brackets and various stands. We also have a make of floor stand which allows you to screw it to the floor for unattended use in public spaces.

iPad Security Cables / Tethers

We understand it is not always possible to screw an iPad enclosure or iPad stand to a table or counter top. We can provide steel tethered cables that can be looped around a table leg and locked in place. We can provide iPads with security locking plates glued to the back which deter casual theft and allow the user to pick them up, whilst still being attached to the counter. We also have clear plastic security cases that wrap around the iPad and allow you to attach a locking cable. These have the added benefit of a fold out stand.