iPad Accessories & Cables

iPad Hire 6

iPad Rental Stands, Kiosks and Mounts

We offer a range of stands and accessories to present and display our rental iPads. Our floor stands are a favourite with our clients, they are a big step up from the large and cumbersome touchscreen kiosks of the past. Coupled with a Kiosk App or Feedback form, they are a perfect way to gather information from your delegates. We also have wall mount solutions and iPad wall brackets.

iPad Cables, Stylus and Internet

A&T can provide VGA and HDMI connections to display your iPad content on a large screen or projector. We can also provide Stylus for taking notes, drawing and design Apps. We also prove MiFi Wireless Routers and Sim Cards from Three Networks. A MiFi allows unto 5 WiFi devices to connect to the mobile phone network, using one SIM card and Data allowance. They also feature a long life battery for events where mains power and fixed Internet is an issue.

Printers and Hardware Rental

A&T can provide a range of iPad compatible printers, both laser and inkjet. We can also provide large screens and displays. We also have the ability to wirelessly transmit iPad content to Screens on exhibition stands without using Apple TVs.